No Substitute for trust…

Over the years, repairing tens of thousands of cars, we've learned what our customer's really want and need. At the top of the list is Trust. Every time we accept a job, we respect the trust you place in us. We solemnly promise to reciprocate by continually earning your trust through our actions, communications and our workmanship.


  • Provide a trustworthy, competent and compassionate service representative, available to you throughout the repair process.
  • Listen attentively to your questions, answer honestly and professionally, so you can make the best decisions about your repairs.
  • Restore your vehicle to its original factory quality standards; include a lifetime warranty.
  • Use diligence and efficient processes to minimize the time you are without your car.
  • If you're using insurance, we'll negotiate and assist in the claims process on your behalf.
  • Clearly state the costs to you and/or an insurance carrier.
  • Present you with a written repair order to review and authorize so you remain in control.
  • Keep you updated about how long you can expect to be without your vehicle by phone or on-line.
  • Arrange a rental car, towing or provide a ride home or to work.
  • Offer our superior service and repairs at competitive prices.

At Deshler's we pledge to focus intensely on YOUR needs. We believe this will bring YOU "Peace of mind" and make the unfortunate circumstance of an accident much less stressful.